The Photographer

My name is Nick Hood and I am an amateur photographer. Although I had experimented with cameras1 as a child, I became more seriously interested in taking photographs during my time in the military and in aviation. Back then, my principal camera was a Nikon FM and a Tamron 200mm telephoto zoom, often with a 2x teleconverter attached, to take aircraft or airborne images. I liked Ektachrome 64 the best2. Now, a number of years later, I am enjoying photography again using a Fuji X-T2 and a small collection of lenses. Post processing is something I’m still trying to get my head around, particularly understanding the technical reasons for adjustments required to make a decent image from what was captured. That, and getting the capture right in the first place! Recently, I have been returning to so-called analogue photography, with another Nikon FM (mine is FUBAR) and a Fuji GW690ii medium format camera, the “Texas Leica”.

The Website

I have been in the habit of posting images quite randomly – some on Facebook, others on Twitter or Instagram, yet others on places like 500px, Lens Culture or Unsplash. Most of the posts I made were cross-posted to my blog, upsetting the flow of that and my LinkedIn. It’s taken me a couple of years of trying out different software and workflows but I think I’m settling on the principle of separating the strands of my several interests. This site, therefore, will be a platform for posting images and imagery, alongside its sister site at niximagery.com, where longer stories are posted.

What you see on this site are some some of my photographs cross-posted from other channels. They are taken mostly but not exclusively with my Fuji X-T2. I also shoot with a Ricoh GR3 and an iPhone, generally posting these to Instagram.

  1. I remember I had an Ilford film camera that I used to create scenes for my Action Man and do random portraits of visitors. 
  2. Ektachrome is making a comeback.